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Using the Follow Widget in Social Pro
Using the Follow Widget in Social Pro
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The Follow widget option in Social Pro will display social network buttons that link to your profile on the social networks of your choosing. This help doc will detail how to set this up!

How to Set Up The Follow Widget in Social Pro

In order to enable the Social Follow buttons you will navigate to Grow > Toolkit and then scroll down to toggle on the Follow Widget.

Once that is toggled on you will see the option to click into those settings to configure the widget.

First, you'll choose which Networks you want to display:

Social Identity:

Next, you'll want to fill out your social identity information for the networks that you have decided to display.

To do this, navigate to Grow > Settings > Social Identity:

Then you will want to put in your user names for the networks you'd like the buttons to link to.

Installing on the Sidebar:

To get it to show on your website, you'll navigate to Appearance > Widget in your WordPress admin where you can drag it into the sidebar position of your choice:

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