When Trellis is the active theme, you can find these settings by logging into your WordPress site and navigating to Appearance → Mediavine Trellis → PWA

Enable PWA

This setting enables PWA support for your site. If enabled, it will allow users to install your site as an app to their desktop or mobile device.

When your site is viewed with the PWA, it will load even faster for your readers, leading to a better user experience.

If you're using a different PWA solution, you can disable this.

PWA Short Name

This is the site name displayed when your site is installed as an App to desktop or mobile devices. Just add the name of your site here. No need to get fancy.

Theme Color

This will set the color of the URL bar on some devices. There is no right or wrong answer as long as you use a 6 digit hex code. Best practice might be to use your brand color.

Site Icon

Select a square image to use as your PWA icon. We recommend using a 512x512 pixel icon for best display performance. This image will also serve as your site icon, or favicon.

❗ Note: If you do not use a square image here, the PWA icon might not look great and you might see some console errors.

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