You can add a social share bar that sticks to the bottom of the screen on mobile or desktop devices via the "Sticky Bar" option in the Toolkit.

First, select the networks you'd like to include by pressing the "Select Networks" button.

After you have selected the networks you can sort them in whichever order you wish them to appear on the front-end side of your website. To sort the items, simply click and hold the sort icon on the left of each item and move the network in the desired position. You can also remove networks by clicking the X icon on the right of each item.

Now, decide how and where you'd like them to display.

Display Settings

  • Button Shape: Choose whether the buttons should be rectangular, rounded, or circles.

  • Show Icon Animation: Will animate the social media icon upon hover.

  • Show on device: Choose whether you want the buttons to display on mobile, desktop, or both.

  • Desktop position: Pick whether you want the buttons to appear on the top or bottom of the screen on desktop.

  • Mobile position: Pick whether you want the buttons to appear on the top or bottom of the screen on mobile.

  • Mobile screen width (pixels): For screen widths smaller than this setting, the mobile sticky bar will display. It will NOT display on screens larger than this setting.

  • Intro animation: Choose whether you want no animation, a fade in, or a slide in upon load.

  • Show after user scrolls: Choose to delay the load of the buttons for site speed.

  • Scroll distance (%): The percentage of the content that the user needs to scroll before the buttons will appear.

Button Share Counts

  • Show share count: Display the share count for each social network.

  • Show total share count: (Desktop only) Will display the total share counts for all social networks that we are able to pull share counts for.

If Show total share count is enabled, additional settings will display:

Total count position, Share count round, Minimum global share count and Minimum individual share count

Button Custom Colors

  • Buttons color: Turns all buttons in the color you have selected. If the buttons hover color is not set, when hovering over the buttons the default color of the social network will show.

  • Buttons hover color: When hovering over the buttons will turn the color of the button into the one you have selected here.

  • Bar background color: Custom background color of the share bar.

Post Type Display Settings

You can place social sharing buttons on single posts, pages and custom post types that are registered as public. You can select on which post types single posts the floating sidebar should appear.

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