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How to Auto-Calculate Nutrition with Create
How to Auto-Calculate Nutrition with Create

Skip the math and calculate nutrition using Create!

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Once you've gotten started with Create by Mediavine, and you've created a recipe, you will want to fill out the nutrition information.

Nutrition information is a recognized field in Google's Structured Data Tool and it can be really useful for your reader. But calculating nutrition is SO MUCH MATH! Create makes it really simple. You can follow along step by step here OR you can scroll to the end and watch the video tutorial.

First, you'll need to register with your email address.

For help registering your Create plugin, please see this article.

Next, you will want to choose how nutrition information will display

  • To use the auto-calculate feature, Use Nutrition should be selected

  • Choose Use Traditional Nutrition Display if you prefer the appearance of a nutrition label.

  • You can also choose if you want to display zero values for net carbs and sugar alcohols. Otherwise they are hidden by default when the value is zero. (This is a global setting and you can also override this for individual recipes.)

How to calculate your nutrition:

  1. Add in your basic ingredients with amounts, as simply and as specifically as possible. Leave out alternative measurements, substitutions, and anything extra for now.

  2. You need to enter the Serving Size in the Nutrition field. You will also need to enter the Number of Servings.

  3. Press Calculate!

4. Verify nutrition values and adjust if necessary.

Once you’re done calculating, then you can go back into your ingredients list and add any extra information you want to be there for your readers - such as alternative measurements, substitutions, or other extra detailed wording.

Now you’re ready to publish!

A quick video if you want to see it in action.

What if I need help?

If you have any questions about Create by Mediavine, please reach out to We also have a Facebook Group where you can consult other Create users!

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