If you're using a custom static homepage and need to hide the page title, here's how!

By default, Trellis will display the page title on all pages. If you don't want the page title to be visible on your homepage, hiding it is really simple.

Step 1: Set your static "homepage" in the Customizer.

  • After you publish the static homepage, navigate to AppearanceCustomizeHomepage Settings

  • Select the option for “A static page”

  • In the dropdown menu for Homepage, select the name of your custom page (like Front Page, in the example below).

Step 2: Hide the page title

Now you just need to update your page's settings. Trellis has this setting in the editor for your static homepage.

  • Navigate to the Page in the Page Editor

  • In the top right corner of the page editor, click the Trellis logo

  • Under the Trellis Settings menu, enable the setting to Hide the home page title

  • Update the page and you're all done!

Now your homepage should display just as you designed it, without the page title.

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