The status for a post/page's Critical CSS Generation is now shown in the admin bar of WordPress.

The status should display in the admin bar if you are logged in and viewing a post or page. Clicking the status should take you to the Issues tab in the Mediavine Trellis settings AppearanceMediavine TrellisIssues.

There are 5 possible statuses:

  • Success: The page has generated critical CSS.
  • Error: The page had an error generating critical CSS. Visit the issues tab to exclude the page from critical CSS, or the post editor to investigate possible solutions.
  • Processing: The page is currently in the process of generating Critical CSS.
  • Pending: The page has been queued for regeneration of critical CSS.
  • None: The page has not attempted to generate critical CSS yet.

The logged in user can begin the process of building Critical CSS manually by clicking Reset Page CSS, under Manage Trellis JS/CSS in the admin bar.

If the process is not started manually, it should begin automatically when a user visits the post or page while not logged in.

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