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What to Do After You Install Trellis - for Mediavine Publishers
What to Do After You Install Trellis - for Mediavine Publishers

You're all set up with your new Trellis theme! Now what?

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If you are a Mediavine Publisher, you may have changed your site's theme in the past and immediately notified our Support team so we can check over all of your ad placements. This is a necessary step because when you do switch themes or redesign your site, the ad targeting can be thrown off and we might need to readjust things a bit to get your ads working as normal again.

If you're asking yourself "Do I need to let Mediavine know that I just switched my theme to Trellis?" The short answer is, yes!

That said, with Trellis, there are some extra details you will want to know, so we're going to give you the run-down here!

Automatic Ad Targeting

One of the (many) great things about Trellis is that the framework is built to automatically integrate with the Mediavine script wrapper. This means that when you switch your Mediavine site over to Trellis, all of that ad targeting is done automatically!

As a result, there shouldn't be any adjustment necessary for your in-content ads, sidebar ads, or adhesion units.

There are a couple of caveats to add to this, though.

Recipe Card Ads

If you use a recipe card on your site, it's not automatically targeted for ads (unless your plugin is Create by Mediavine!). Your recipe card ads may need to be retargeted after you switch.

Third Party Pagebuilders

When you use a third party page builder or other block building tool to create your content, they can break the HTML structure of post by adding excess <div></div> tags. This can cause issues with ad display, impacting earnings.

These page building tools aren't compatible with Trellis, but even when you migrate the site over and are no longer using the tool, some of that leftover excess code can still impact how ads perform.

To test how your ad placements are working, you can open up a post in an incognito/private window and append ?test=houseads to the end of the URL. This will show you all available ad placements with placeholder ads. If a certain placement isn't showing, it probably needs attention.

For good measure, it will be important to contact our team and let them know that you were previously using one of these builders. Otherwise, there could still be some negative impact on your ad performance even after you switch to Trellis.

Top Sidebar Ad

It's recommended that ads don't appear in your first screen view. This helps with pagespeed as well as boosting ad impressions for that unit. Because of this, you want to make sure that your top sidebar ad is showing below the fold with one widget between it and the sticky sidebar ad. This help article will walk you through how to move the top sidebar ad in your Trellis settings if need be.

With all of this in mind, regardless of whether you use a recipe card or any third party builders, we do encourage Mediavine publishers to reach out to our team anyway once you're all set up with Trellis. That way, we can confirm that all of your ads are displaying properly!

Once you are ready to do that, please reach out to, and our team will be there to help.

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