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Create: Skip to Recipe Accessibility for Screen Readers
Create: Skip to Recipe Accessibility for Screen Readers

Everything you need to know about this new accessibility feature in Create!

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Create version 1.6.7, features Skip to Recipe and Skip to Instructions accessibility support for screen readers.

Mediavine automatically adds a Skip to Recipe or Skip to Instructions link alongside the link to the content, so there's really nothing more you need to do other than know it's now available on your site!

If you do not have a screen reader enabled within your browser, your content remains unchanged and these links do not appear. That means it's also hard to notice what has changed, and will likely go unnoticed by those that aren't using a screen reader.

If you'd like to see how this looks for those using a screen reader, you'll go to a post using a Create card and before scrolling, hit the tab key on your keyboard and you'll see the Skip to Recipe button appear in the upper left hand corner.

If you're using a browser other than Chrome (should appear without settings changes), you may need to change your browser settings as follows:

Firefox - Preferences > General > Browsing > Always use the cursor keys to navigate within pages

Safari - Preferences > Advanced > Accessibility

Remember, if you want to offer the traditional Jump to Recipe or Instructions experience to the rest of your readers, you will need to enable it in the Pro tab of your Create settings.

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