Trellis Version 0.13 Release Notes

This Trellis release is loaded with Features and Fixes addressing CLS and Core Web Vitals.

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Trellis 0.13.0-0.13.4 are outdated versions. For the latest release notes, please see this document on Trellis 0.15.0.

Trellis Version 0.13.1

Version Release: May 26, 2021

Article Published: May 28, 2021

If you've had an eye on all things CLS ahead of Google's anticipated Page Experience Update, you are definitely not alone.

The 0.13.1 update is loaded with goodies pointed at Core Web Vitals, and specifically some details that will help you to address CLS. Be sure to update your site ASAP!

Important Release Details

  • Feature - Optimize ads for CLS setting
    Optimize Ads for CLS is now controlled in your MVP tab of your Trellis settings page. More info on our Optimize Ads for CLS FAQ.

  • Feature - Preloaded Fonts
    Trellis will now preload fonts for better performance.

  • Feature - Choose Font Loading Method
    In addition to preloading fonts we've added an option to choose between two different font loading methods for sites that employ custom fonts as part of their design. You can choose to favor your design or favor CLS / site speed.

  • Feature - Warning for non-web-safe fonts
    The default font selection menu has changed a bit so that if you choose a non-web safe font you'll be warned. That way it's easier to know when you are favoring design form over speed functions.

  • Fix - Helvetica is not considered web safe
    If Helvetica is your chosen font, it's important to know that Helvetica was removed from the web safe font list.

  • Fix - CLS from logo
    In some cases a site's logo would was impacting CLS scores. This release fixes that.

  • Fix - Sidebar CLS
    If the sidebar above the fold was causing CLS, updating to 0.13.1 fixes that.

  • Fix - Google Analytics code anonymized
    We've anonymized Google Analytics data to align with Mediavine best practices.

  • Feature - Critical CSS improvements
    Improvements to how Critical CSS is processed.

  • Feature - Touch screen support
    Touch screen support added in global navigation for tablet devices.

  • Feature - Trellis respects Wordpress comment settings for username/email requirements
    You now have the option to allow comments with no username or email address when that Wordpress setting is disabled.

  • Fix - Disable Critical CSS for WooCommerce
    This release disables Critical CSS on WooCommerce pages to prevent issues with WooCommerce.

  • Fix - Safari Avatars
    User avatars in Safari are fixed.

For better page experience and to take advantage of all the features Trellis offers for Core Web Vitals, update to 0.13.1 today!

Trellis Version 0.13.2

This was an internally tested and unreleased version that was never available.

Trellis Version 0.13.3

Version Release: June 8, 2021

Article Updated: June 14, 2021

  • Fix - Logo Issue
    On some sites logos were stretched after updating to 0.13.1. This version fixed that.

  • Fix - Empty Ad Spaces on Home Page
    For Trellis sites NOT running Mediavine ads, sometimes empty "feed ad" spaces appeared between posts on the home page. This is fixed with version 0.13.3.

  • Fix - Trellis Meta Description Output
    The meta description was being output twice on some sites, even with that setting disabled. Version 0.13.3 fixes this.

Trellis Version 0.13.4

Version Release: June 14, 2021

Article Updated: June 14, 2021

  • Fix - Conflict with Yoast Schema Output + Trellis Version 0.13.3
    This release addresses a conflict that caused Yoast JSON-LD to be disabled.
    This issue was only present on Trellis version 0.13.3.

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