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Pinterest URL and Descriptions Settings in Create
Pinterest URL and Descriptions Settings in Create

How to use the Pinterest settings in your Create card!

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When you are editing your Create card, you will find some Pinterest settings in the SEO and Social Media section. They will affect what URL, description, and image are pulled when somebody pins your Create card.

In this article, we're going to cover if, when, and how you need to complete each of these fields!

Pinterest URL

You would enter a Pinterest URL in this field if you needed the URL of the Pin generated via the Create Card's Pin button to go to a URL other than the post the card lives on. If you don't enter one, the Pin will just take the viewer to your post where you've published the card.

This field is optional - it should normally only be used when you're including a card in a post where that card is not the main focus of the post. Otherwise, most of the time it should be left blank.

The other use for this field would be for UTM tracking. You would just add in the URL including the UTM code in to that field.

Pinterest Description

You would complete this field if you want to provide a custom Pinterest description for your card. Otherwise, the card description you have added will be pulled for the pin. This field is not required.

Pinterest Image

You can add an image for this setting if you want a different image to be pulled when your card is pinned. If you leave this blank, the featured thumbnail image you have added to your card will be pulled for the pin.

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