If you're a Mediavine Publisher using the Mediavine Control Panel plugin and Trellis as your active theme, you can find these settings by logging into your WordPress site and navigating to Appearance → Mediavine Trellis → MVP

The MVP Tab

Note that you must have the Mediavine Control Panel Plugin and your Include Script Wrapper enabled for this Tab to appear.

To adjust your Ad Settings in Trellis

Feed Ad Spacing - Adjust the ad density in post feeds.

(Default: Normal)

This setting will adjust the ad density on the homepage, post feeds, and archive pages.

Feed Ads are very similar to in-content ads. They are placed between article excerpt containers in the post feeds of your Trellis theme.

"Post feeds" refers to the default homepage feed and any default archive pages where a list of posts will be displayed. Ads will be served between the post excerpts with the frequency setting you select.

  • Low = An in-content ad will be targeted after every 6th article in the feed. This will likely result in a single in-content ad per feed or archive page.

  • Normal = The default Normal setting will target an in-content ad after every 4th article in the feed. This will likely result in up to 2 in-content ads per feed or archive page.

  • High = An in-content ad will be targeted after every 2nd article in the feed. This will result in the highest density of in-content ads per feed or archive page, with up to 5 in-content ads per feed page.

  • None = This setting will prevent in-content ads from being targeted to your archive or feed pages. Sidebar ads will still be served.

Show Ads on Pages - Allow ads to display on your Pages.

(Default: Enabled)

If you don't want to run in-content ads or featured videos on your Pages, you can disable them globally here. If there is a sidebar on the page, sidebar ads will still be served. In-content ads will still be served on posts, regardless of this setting.

To Enable your CLS Optimizations in Trellis

Optimize Ads for CLS

(Default: Enabled)

When enabled, this will reserve a spot on your posts and pages for Mediavine ads to help eliminate ad-related CLS.

Trellis already handles your theme’s site speed optimizations as well as your Mediavine Ad script optimizations. With this CLS setting enabled, your theme and ads will also be optimized by Trellis.

The Trellis theme and Optimize Ads for CLS setting in your Mediavine Trellis → MVP tab override the settings shown in the image below. These are found in your Mediavine Dashboard → Settings → Ad Settings and will no longer have an effect once Trellis is your active theme.

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