Since Trellis 0.13.1 Your CLS settings are now controlled by your Trellis theme just like your Ad Script Optimizations are. This puts you in control of these settings directly from your WordPress Admin without having to navigate to your Mediavine Dashboard to make adjustments.

The settings below, found in your Mediavine Dashboard → Settings → Ad Settings, are overridden by the Trellis theme setting in your Mediavine Trellis → MVP tab.

Note that you must have the Mediavine Control Panel Plugin and your script wrapper enabled for this Tab to appear.

The MVP Tab

Navigate to your Appearance → Mediavine Trellis → MVP settings tab.

To adjust your Ad Settings in Trellis

Feed Ad Spacing

Adjust the ad density in post feeds.

(Default: Normal)

Similar to your In-Content Ad Settings found in the Mediavine Dashboard → Settings → In-Content Ad Settings, is this Feed Ad Spacing setting. This setting controls the Ad Frequency of your Latest Post and Category pages. You can choose between Normal (Default), Low, High, or None. If you choose not to show ads on pages, this setting will no longer have any effect.

Show Ads on Pages

Allow ads to display on your Pages.

(Default: Enabled)

If you don’t wish to have in-content ads appearing on your Category, Home, or other pages, you can disable this setting.

To Enable your CLS Optimizations in Trellis

Optimize Ads for CLS

When enabled, this will reserve a spot on your posts and pages for Mediavine ads to help eliminate ad-related CLS.

(Default: Enabled)

Trellis already handles your theme’s site speed optimizations as well as your Mediavine Ad script optimizations. With this CLS setting enabled, your theme and ads will also be optimized by Trellis.

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