Take advantage of our discounted rates for multiple sites and upgrade your Trellis or Grow Social Pro license!

To upgrade a license, log into your Mediavine Marketplace account, click "Account" in the upper right corner, and then choose "Account Details."

From there, scroll down to the "License" section, select which product license you'd like to upgrade, and click on "View Upgrades."

There, you can select the number of sites you would like to upgrade to. The prices you will see are prorated based on the date of your last renewal.

After selecting the upgrade, you will follow the prompts to complete your purchase, and add the URLs of all new sites to your license. You will use the same license key across all sites.

Note: If you already have multiple single licenses with Grow Social Pro or Trellis, please reach out to grow@mediavine.com or trellis@mediavine.com for assistance with upgrading to a singular multi-site license.

Discounted rates for Trellis:

Discounted rates for Grow Social Pro:

For installation directions, follow the links to one of the help docs below.

Grow Social Pro


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