If you're a Mediavine publisher, you have a separate tab in your Create settings that will let you adjust the ad density in your Create cards.

NOTE: These settings are not available if you are not serving ads via Mediavine.

Ad Density

This setting allows you to adjust the frequency of ads in your recipe or how-to cards. The good news is that with Create and the Mediavine script wrapper, you will always be within Coalition for Better Ads guidelines.

  • Normal - this is the default setting. Depending on the length of the recipe or project in the card, this setting will serve 2 on desktop & 3 on mobile, but can add more if the cards have more length

  • Single Ad - this places one single ad in the recipe card. Typically it is in between the ingredients and the instructions. This is the setting that will earn you the least and is not recommended, especially if you are using a jump button.

List Items Between Ads

In a Create List, this setting will let you define how many List Items appear before another ad serves. Be sure to check your lists on mobile to ensure you are properly monetizing your content.

NOTE: Earlier versions of Create may have included additional recipe card ad settings options. Please make sure you are updated to the most current version.

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