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How to Adjust Ads in Your Create Cards
How to Adjust Ads in Your Create Cards

Adjusting your Mediavine Ad Density in Create Recipes, How-Tos, and Lists

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For Mediavine publishers, Create card ad settings live in the Mediavine dashboard. The one exception is the setting for List card ad density, which lives in the Create settings in WordPress (more on that in a bit!).

Here’s where to go to adjust your ads for each of the three types of Create cards.

Ads in Create Recipe and How-To Cards

Settings for Create Recipes and How-To’s live in the Mediavine dashboard. These same settings also apply for WPRM and WP Tasty users.

To find the settings, log in to your Mediavine dashboard and from the sidebar, navigate to Settings > In-Content Ads. On that page, you will find settings for Recipe Ads.

For the details on what all of these settings and options mean, please see this help article.

Ads in Create Lists

If you're a Mediavine publisher, you have a separate tab in your Create settings that will let you adjust the ads in your List cards.

In your WordPress admin, navigate to Create Cards > Settings > MVP.

NOTE: These settings are not available if you are not serving ads via Mediavine.

List Items Between Ads - In a Create List, this setting will let you define how many List Items appear before another ad serves.

Be sure to always check your Lists on mobile to ensure you are properly monetizing your content.

NOTE: Earlier versions of Create may have included additional recipe card ad settings options. Please make sure you are updated to the most current version.

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