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How to Update/Change Payment Method
How to Update/Change Payment Method
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Credit card expired? Need to use a different card? Updating/changing your payment method is quick in easy and done right in the Mediavine Marketplace.

  1. Login to the Mediavine Marketplace (please note that this is a specific login separate from your Mediavine Dashboard login if you are a Mediavine publisher).

  2. Hover over "Account," then select "Personal Details:"

3. Scroll past Change your Name/Change your Password and select either "Update" or "Add new card:"

To Update:

  • Click the Update link

  • Update the Billing info or expiration date, whichever is needed

  • Click Update when complete

To Add new card:

  • Click the Add new card button

  • Enter your new card info in the Credit Card Details and Billing Details sections

  • Click the Add new card button once both sections are filled out

  • Once it's processed, you'll see the new card info under Account > Personal Details.

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