Trellis Version 0.15 Release Notes
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The Trellis 0.15.0 update and onward contain new features, bug fixes, style changes, UI improvements, and more. To take advantage of all the features Trellis offers for page experience and performance, update today!

Please see below for important details on Trellis versions 0.15.0 - 0.15.1.

Trellis Version 0.15.0

Version Release: This was an internally tested and unreleased version that was never available to the public. The changes from this version are all reflected in the externally released version, 0.15.1.

Article Published: January 17, 2022

Trellis Version 0.15.1

Version Release: January 17, 2022

Article Updated: January 17, 2022

  • FIX: Forces a Critical CSS purge when updating, to ensure that old CSS is removed in the event of a change to the structure of the markup, which can cause unintended results.

  • FEATURE: A button with a link to the Mediavine Marketplace has been added to the License settings, so that if you don’t have an active license, you can easily purchase one.

  • COSMETIC: Adds a Call to Action with a graphic to Mediavine Marketplace if a valid license is not added to the License settings.

  • FEATURE: Added a way to disable Trellis lazy loading in favor of browser native lazy loading. This is not a setting, but comes as a class that can be added site-by-site. If you think this is something you need, you can reach out to

  • FEATURE: Added filter mv_trellis_about_widget_image_sizes to load in the correct image size, preventing a blurry appearance of the About widget image.

  • FEATURE: Adds new hooks for hosts to clear the cache with—in particular, to help with caching on sites hosted by Lyrical Host.

  • FEATURE: Added base colors that you can choose from in the Colors settings under the Display tab. You can still enter your own custom hex code.

  • FEATURE: Link to the Trellis : has been added, accessible via the theme details for Trellis core framework under Appearance > Themes.

  • FEATURE: More/Read More block now works in RSS feeds for RSS feed-driven emails.

  • FEATURE: New template for main and sidebar area markup changes (template-parts/header/header-featured.php).

  • FEATURE: The Trellis settings interface (Appearance > Mediavine Trellis) has been overhauled to make it more user-friendly. Subsections have been added so everything is easier to find, and there is also now a Save button at the top and bottom of each settings page.

  • FEATURE: A change was made to fix a problem with how Trellis Images handles image generation, preventing .WebP images from generating on some sites. We have replaced an old method (transients) with a new Throttle API to prevent this problem in the future.

  • FIX: About widget thumbnail is no longer lazy loaded, to prevent LCP issues if it is in the first screenview.

  • FIX: The thumbnail size attribute for the About Widget has been adjusted in order to prevent this image from appearing blurry.

  • FIX: Solves an issue where ads were still showing on the mobile version of pages when Show Ads on Pages setting was disabled.

  • FIX: Solves an issue where images added to the category description section were not generating as .WebP. Trellis Images will now be able to process those images as .WebP.

  • FIX: Prevents an issue where Trellis’s Critical CSS was being called out when some sites were being validated for CSS errors.

  • FIX: WP Rocket or above has a new setting called Delay Javascript. This setting will be disabled automatically when WP Rocket is on a Trellis site, along with other conflicting WP Rocket settings that Trellis already disables.

  • FIX: Solves an issue where Disabling and Purging Critical CSS in the Admin Bar was not working on the homepage for some sites.

  • FIX: Prevents “Display on mobile devices” option from showing for the Mediavine Sidebar Ad Hint widget in Appearance > Widgets. (This widget should only show on desktop)

  • FIX: Solves a conflict with Easy Digital Downloads where the alt text for features images was shown below the image on the live site.

  • FIX: Solves a visual issue in the Trellis settings where Feed Ad Spacing setting in the MVP settings tab would only show as “Low” when set to None. Now, the setting will display the “None” selection correctly.

  • FIX: Prevents “false negative” REST API error from displaying when Critical CSS is not actually blocked. If you see this error on your site, be sure to reach out to

  • FIX: Change setting description for Critical CSS Allowlist and Force Critical CSS Setting to clarify what can be added to these fields.

  • FIX: Trellis will now check for an active license on a site every 12 hours. A “Recheck” button has been added to the License settings so you can trigger a recheck after adding in a valid license number instead of waiting those 12 hours.

  • FIX: Corrects a few elements of Trellis that were previously unable to be translated into other languages.

  • FIX: Solves an issue where the Post Meta Date Display setting was not defaulting to the correct option. Now properly shows “Both” as the default setting.

  • FIX: Solves an issue where WP Fastest Cache settings were appearing in the WordPress admin sidebar multiple times due to a conflict after clearing Trellis cache.

  • FIX: 12-character limit for PWA Short Name set in PWA Settings.

  • FIX: In the last version, a WordPress notice from 5.8 referring to block_categories being deprecated displayed. This message will no longer display.

  • FIX: Removes Add Media buttons from category description editor because WordPress doesn’t support images in category descriptions. Images can still be added if you have Yoast or Rankmath, though, as those plugins add this ability.

  • FIX: Removes Below The Fold ad hint/placeholder. Adds a value so it will instead be altered via the Mediavine Dashboard by Mediavine Support, just like other themes.

  • FIX: Prevents GSC Error, Rejected at ServiceWorkerContainer, by making an update to Trellis’s service worker.

  • FIX: Ensures that you can only see the Yoast Breadcrumbs as an option in the Post Meta Settings if you have them turned on in your Yoast plugin.

  • FIX: Slight markup adjustment to sidebar to ensure that the structure of the HTML is as it should be in order to move forward with new features down the road. (Sidebar is a sibling of main#content for all page types.)

  • FIX: When the Mediavine Control Panel plugin is deactivated on a site, the MVP settings in Trellis will not be available.

  • FIX: Underlines have been added to links in post content.

  • FIX: Solves issue where option to “Display on Mobile Devices” checkbox was missing on WordPress 5.8 widget area for block widget editor.

  • COSMETIC: Fixes tag links bleeding off of the screen on mobile (.tag-links set to max-width: 100%).

  • COSMETIC: Hides Trellis settings on mobile and adds informational notice. Changes to Trellis settings will need to be made on a desktop device.

  • COSMETIC: The License settings tab has been removed from the theme Customizer settings. You can access the License settings in Appearance > Mediavine Trellis > License.

  • COSMETIC: “No issues found” box from Issues tab in settings will no longer display. When no issues are present, the Issues tab will display as seen in the image below:

  • LANGUAGE: Updated language has been added to the Trellis SEO Output setting to clarify behavior and intended use. (These settings are only available when you do not have Yoast or RankMath SEO active on the site.)

Trellis Version 0.15.2

Version Release: February 2, 2022

Article Updated: February 3, 2022

  • FIX: Solves an issue where posts containing broken HTML were displaying as a blank page.

  • FIX: Solves an issue where a fatal error resulted from Critical CSS not working properly on a password protected page.

  • FIX: Solves an issue where some sites on WordPress 5.9 were seeing warnings or critical errors. Critical errors were a result of a conflict due to PHP 8 not being supported in Trellis.

  • FIX: Solves an issue where links were being removed from the Footer Copyright Text field.

Trellis Version 0.15.3

Version Release: March 30, 2022

Article Updated: March 30, 2022

  • CHANGE: PHP version reminder notice on sites running a version below 7.2 has been adjusted to reflect the upcoming requirement that Trellis sites must be updated to 7.2 or greater.

  • CHANGE: Trellis now requires PHP version 7.1 or greater. Trellis is no longer compatible with any version below 7.1, so users will need to update their PHP if applicable.

  • FIX: Images that are not lazy-loaded will now be supported in Trellis Images and will be able to be served in a WebP format.

  • FIX: If Critical CSS has been disabled on a post or posts, this will now be indicated with a message in the Issues tab of the Trellis settings.

  • FIX: Solves an issue where sticky sidebar ads were not appearing on some sites.

  • FIX: Solves an issue where content was not displaying in posts that contained broken HTML.

  • FIX: Solves an issue where About Me images in the three Trellis child themes were displayed at an incorrect size.

  • FIX: Resolves a small coding discrepancy to improve compatibility between Trellis and the Grow Social Pro plugin.

  • FIX: When Grow Social plugin is used on a site, Trellis will not add meta descriptions or open graph tags. Those from Grow Social will take precedence.

  • FEATURE: Images can be eager-loaded by adding the ‘eager-load’ class. Instead of lazy loading, meaning image loading is deferred until a bit later, the image will be loaded straight away. This class will have to be added manually on a per-image basis and may require the assistance of a developer.

  • COSMETIC: Text boxes for entering information in the Trellis settings now appear with a border around them instead of inline text boxes, to improve appearance and user-friendliness.

  • COSMETIC: An adjustment has been made so that checkboxes in the Customizer settings are easier to see.

  • COSMETIC: Any monotext added to a post/page will now use the same font as everything else (whatever has been selected in the Trellis settings).

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