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Can I Export My Create Cards to a Different Site?
Can I Export My Create Cards to a Different Site?

What you need to know if you're looking to export your cards to another site.

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Perhaps you have a second site to which you'd like to migrate over some of your content from your first site. If you have Create Cards in those posts, you may wish to move those over as well when you export the other content.

So, can I export my Create Cards to a different site?

The short answer to this question is no and there is an important reason why.

One of the main goals when first developing the Create plugin was for cards to be reusable in multiple posts without causing SEO issues. This issue was solved with something called canonical linking, meaning that each post "lives" at one original URL and outputs Schema only there, but can be reused in other posts and will not output Schema for those additional URLs. When a card can output Schema in only one post, this avoids duplicate content.

This feature makes Create unique in comparison to other recipe plugins and provides a solution for a problem that many publishers were running into when Create was in development. It means, however, that migrating cards to a different site can cause issues because of their relationships with specific post URLs for Schema output and canonical linking.

Attempts to migrate cards to a different site can get quite messy and lead to a lot of issues. That is why Create doesn't have a built-in way to transfer your Create Cards to another site, and why we don't recommend any other methods that may try to accomplish this goal.

The best course of action, if you wish to migrate your content site-to-site, would be to re-make your Create cards on the new site.

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