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Reusing Create Cards in Multiple Posts
Reusing Create Cards in Multiple Posts

How reusing cards works in Create and why this is possible!

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When Mediavine began developing the Create plugin, one of the main points expressed by publishers was that other Recipe, How-To, and List plugins on the market did not allow a blogger to add the same card to multiple posts.

Create provides a solution for this problem!

In Create, you can reuse the same card in multiple posts! All you have to do is go into the post editor and add any existing card whether it's been used in other posts on the site or not.

But wait...doesn't this pose SEO issues?

With Create, there are no SEO issues with using the same card in multiple posts!

Create employs the concept of a “canonical post,” or the main post a card is associated with. This is the only post where a card outputs Schema. You might think of the canonical post as the place where a card "lives."

When a card is placed in more posts, it will NOT output Schema in those additional posts. This avoids duplicate content.

Once a Create card is in more than one post, the default canonical post for it will be the first post it was added to. It's also a good practice to set your canonical post to whichever is most relevant for that card.

If you want to change the canonical post, simply edit the card and select an option from the "Canonical Post" drop-down menu under "Utilities." The drop-down menu will allow you to choose from all posts where you have added the card.

If you would also like to learn about using multiple cards in the same post, please see the below resources!

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