How to Add a Video to a Create Card

The very easy steps to adding your video to a Recipe or How-To card!

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Embedding a video in your Create card is quick and painless! Simply follow the steps outlined below.

  1. In your WordPress admin, open up the card you want to add your video to. While editing the card, scroll down to the "Video" section. From here, you can either opt to "Add YouTube Video," which will prompt you to insert a link from YouTube, or you can select "Add Mediavine Video."

2. After clicking "Add Mediavine Video," a gallery of your videos from your Mediavine dashboard will pop up. If you have any issues getting to this step, please see this help article to troubleshoot.

3. Select the video you wish to add to the card. You can use the search feature within the pop-up if needed.

4. Once you've chosen your video, the Edit Video Settings screen will appear. You can use this screen to choose whether the video shows (or hides) in the card, select an aspect ratio, and select a default volume for the video when it is played/unmuted.

5. Once you've made changes to those video settings, click Insert.

6. Now the video has been added to your card!

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