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How to Insert a Create Card in Elementor
How to Insert a Create Card in Elementor

Are you using Elementor and Create? Here's how to add a card to your post!

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Adding a Create card to a post using Elementor or Elementor Pro is very easy! You'll just need to grab the card's shortcode and add that straight into the post.

Here's a one minute video showing the steps. Written instructions can be found below.

How to Insert a Create Card in Elementor

  1. Navigate to the card you want to use in the post and select it. In the edit screen, scroll down to the Shortcode field under Utilities. Copy the shortcode.

2. Navigate to the post you are working on. In the Elementor sidebar, find the Shortcode widget from the options. Drag the Shortcode widget into the post.

3. In the sidebar, paste the Create shortcode you copied into the field labeled "Enter your shortcode." Click Apply.

4. Once that's done, the Create Card will be in your post. You can drag the Create card to whatever location in the post that you would like.

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