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How to Troubleshoot a Display Issue in Trellis
How to Troubleshoot a Display Issue in Trellis

Three EASY steps to figure out where your display issue is coming from and what you can do to fix it!

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If something on your Trellis site isn't displaying correctly, such as a custom-built static homepage or some other CSS customizations, here's what you can do to troubleshoot and identify the issue.

First things first, if you are experiencing issues with a page that was created with a third-party page builder (Elementor, Thrive Architect, or other similar tools), you'll want to keep in mind that Trellis is not compatible with these builders. It might not be possible for the page to display properly with the Trellis framework, so it may be a good idea to think about rebuilding that page in Gutenberg.

Step One: Clear All Caching and Check an Incognito Window

Sometimes display issues resolve on their own. You may need to clear all caching in order to see the most up-to-date version of a page.

Clear your site's caching plugin. Clear the cache in your CDN if you are using one, such as Cloudflare.

Next, open up the post in an incognito/private browser window. This will ensure that you are not seeing a cached version of the page in your browser.

If the display issue persists, move on to Step Two.

Step Two: Check for a Critical CSS Issue and Purge if Needed

Occasionally, Trellis's Critical CSS optimization may conflict with some elements on your page and cause a display issue. To test, all you need to do is open up the affected post or page and add the below query string to the end of the URL to load the page without Critical CSS:

For example, if the page I am working with is, I would end up with in my address bar.

Hit Enter/Return to reload the page.

Here is an example of a display issue affecting a static homepage:

You can see that the page is displaying properly once the query string was added to the URL:

If the display issue remains, that means that Critical CSS is not causing the issue, and you will want to move on to Step Three. If the display issue is resolved with the query string, you may need to regenerate Critical CSS on your site.

Step Three: Test for Other Conflicts

If using the query string ?mvt_flags=disable_critical_css did not resolve the problem, there may be some other conflict at play on the site causing your display issue.

It may be a good idea to disable your plugins one by one to rule out any conflicts there. If one plugin seems to cause the issue, you could try reaching out to that plugin's support team or your managed host for assistance.

If you have tried all the above steps and nothing seems to help, feel free to reach out to and our team will take a look.

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