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Trellis Version 0.17.0 Release Notes
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The Trellis 0.17.0 update contains new features, bug fixes, and more. To take advantage of all the features Trellis offers for page experience and performance, update today!

Please see below for important details on Trellis version 0.17.

Trellis Version 0.17

Version Release: Jan 30, 2023

Article Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Requirements Change

  • Trellis 0.17.0 now requires PHP version 7.3 or higher.

Critical CSS

Trellis 0.17.0 brings a number of big changes to Critical CSS. New user interface controls are available along with new functionality. These changes include:

  • A new Critical CSS tab is available in the Mediavine Trellis Dashboard. Sections include Settings and Exclusions. This is where you can enable or disable Critical CSS, purge Critical CSS files, add or remove selectors from the Critical and Non-Critical CSS files, and see any posts or pages where Critical CSS has been disabled.

  • A new Post/Page Exclusion table in the Critical CSS tab shows any posts or pages where Critical CSS has been disabled manually.

  • You can now remove all Critical CSS files for a site by clicking a Purge All Critical CSSbutton in the Critical CSS tab. New Critical CSS files will be generated as readers visit the site’s pages.

  • The CSS Allowlist and Force Critical CSS features in the Mediavine Trellis Dashboard were improved:

    • The CSS Allowlist section has been renamed to Force Non-Critical CSS. Functionality is the same as in previous Trellis versions.

    • CSS selectors added in Force Critical CSS and Force Non-Critical CSS are now shown as user interface “chips” which can be removed by clicking the X control.

  • The WordPress Editor (Classic and Block unless otherwise noted) now offers some new features:

    • When Critical CSS is manually disabled on a post or page, it will appear in the Mediavine Trellis Dashboard > Critical CSS in the Post/Page Exclusions table. It can be reenabled there or in the WordPress Editor.

    • A Purge Critical CSS button deletes the Critical CSS associated with the page or post. It will be regenerated when a reader visits the page.

    • A colored dot on the Trellis icon (Block editor only) will quickly show the status of Critical CSS for the post or page. The color indicates the following:

      • Green: This means that Critical CSS files are currently processing or were successfully generated.

      • Grey: This means that Critical CSS files are waiting to be processed, disabled, or don’t exist.

      • Red: This means that there was an error generating the Critical CSS files for the post or page.

    • More descriptive text about the Critical CSS status of the page or post is shown in the Trellis sidebar. This is especially useful if using the Classic editor, as the status dot is only shown in the Block editor.

  • The Critical CSS Error notice now has a close control in the WP Admin Dashboard and Mediavine Trellis Dashboard. It can be dismissed like other administrative notices.

Other Changes

  • In the Mediavine Trellis Dashboard, the Display > Layout section offers two new features:

    • A Display Tag Links toggle controls whether tag links are shown after a post. The default is to show tag links.

    • An Article Navigation toggle controls whether to show a Next/Previous link on posts. The default is to show the Next/Previous link.

  • You can now hide Page Titles on any page in the WordPress Editor (not just front pages).

  • Admin notices can now be dismissed like other notices.

  • A caret (>) control is now shown in Trellis notices when additional information is available. Previously, notices showed a link which could be missed at a casual glance.

  • The name of the About Widget has been changed to Trellis About Widget to better identify it as Trellis functionality.

  • Compatibility with several WordPress plugins has been improved:

  • RankMath is now supported. Previously, publishers could encounter problems adding links to category pages when RankMath was active.

  • Jetpack, WooCommerce, and Trellis Comments now work better together. Previously, WooCommerce’s Product Page > Review tab was missing if either Trellis Comments or Jetpack Comments were enabled.

  • WP Rocket no longer logs errors in the debug log when clearing the Trellis cache.

Removed Functionality

  • Trellis Settings were removed from the WordPress Customizer. Settings are more easily displayed (along with additional configuration options) in the Mediavine Trellis Dashboard.

  • The <title> tag on the Search Bar SVG image has been removed. Previously, when the Search Bar was enabled, duplicate title tags were shown in the site HTML.

The following notes are going to be more pertinent for custom child theme developers

New Hooks

The following hooks are available as part of the improved compatibility with WP Rocket.

  • mv_trellis_clear_single_cache : This hook passes the ID of the cache to be cleared.

  • mv_trellis_clear_all_cache: This hook clears the cache.

These hooks are available as part of code cleanup to make an images function more streamlined and to help with internal testing:

  • mv_trellis_before_image_process_loop fires off before processing images.

  • mv_trellis_after_image_process_loop fires off after processing images.

New Functions

The following functions were added to the Trellis Core front page template (header-content-front-page.php) for static front pages:

  • mvt_title_before() fires off the tha_title_before hook before the page title output (as long as the title isn’t hidden).

  • mvt_title_after() fires off the tha_title_after hook after the page title output (as long as the title isn’t hidden).

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