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We're answering some common questions about Mediavine's new plugin for WordPress

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Hooray! Our long-awaited recipe plugin, Create by Mediavine, is now available in the WordPress plugin repository!

We're answering some of your frequently asked questions below! Feel free to reach out to with any questions, concerns or ideas.

What is so great about Create by Mediavine?

Create is an easy way to insert recipes, HowTo instructions, and Lists into your content.

We have optimized it heavily for speed, SEO, and monetization, and here's a list of features you can find within our plugin:

  • Importers: We make it easy move your recipes from other recipe plugins to Create by Mediavine. It lets you choose what to import, visually confirm the information is right, and edit the recipe before replacing the old recipe card in your posts.

  • SEO: Create outputs schema so that Google can show your data in Rich Results for better click-through-rates and more search real estate. We were the first card to offer HowTo schema, and our Recipe and List schema creates beautiful content that Google loves.

  • Real-time Content Preview: See what your recipe will look like while you are writing it without having to take the extra step to "preview" your post in WordPress!

  • Multiple Recipes Allowed: Now you can have your cake (recipe) and icing (recipe) β€” and eat 'em too!

  • Printable How-To Cards: Perfect for any kind of tutorial, allow users to print a copy of the instructions and mark your content up for SEO

  • Automatic Nutrition Calculation: With the click of a button, calculate calories, carbs and more for each recipe you add.

  • Dual Recipe Card Creation: Write your recipes in your post, or use a standalone tool.

  • Mediavine Ad Integrations: Incorporate your Mediavine ads straight into your recipes to help your ads earn you even more money. You can also use embed our Mediavine video player!

  • Recommended Products: Add affiliate links and images straight into your post. Reuse these products, and update globally for the easiest affiliate sales you've ever made.

  • Pinterest Integration: Add a custom image and text so that your readers can Pin your content seamlessly.

  • Customizable Ingredients: Paste your ingredients straight into your card. You can also add images, sort them into groups and drag-and-drop them.

  • Smart Ratings: Our ratings come with Schema support for optimal SEO. They also stay WITH the card, so your readers never have to wonder or dig through comments to find a review or rating on the actual recipe or HowTo at hand.

  • Author Attribution: Easily mark who wrote the content. Super handy if you have more than one writer on your site!

  • Video Embeds: Why not show and tell? Include a video with your recipes or HowTo posts.

  • State-of-the-Art Themes: Choose between five responsive layouts from Purr Design, each with a built-in Pinterest button, integrated ratings and a highlighted image.

Will I be able to move all my recipes over from my current plugin?

We have importers available from the following WordPress recipe plugins:

  • Cookbook

  • EasyRecipe

  • Meal Planner Pro

  • Purr Designs

  • Simple Recipe Pro

  • WP Recipe Maker

  • WP Tasty

  • WP Ultimate Recipe

  • Yummly

  • Ziplist

  • Zip Recipes

How will the cards display?

Our cards are displayed using a WordPress shortcode.

This means that if the plugin is disabled, the recipes themselves will not display on the front end of a blog post. This is typical behavior for most WordPress plugins.

If the plugin is deactivated, no data will be deleted and reactivating the plugin will restore the original card display.

Will I be able to add nutritional data?

Yes! Nutritional data is an important part of Schema, which search engines love to have for optimal results.

Nutrition facts can be manually entered for a recipe. They will also transfer over if the recipe already contains it.

We also provide automatic nutrition calculation through our partnership with Nutritionix. Learn more about this feature.

How much does it cost?

Create is free to the blogging community at large. You do not need to be a Mediavine publisher to use it. All core functions of the plugin will always remain free.

There are certain features that are available only to Mediavine bloggers, such as the ability to change ad frequency within the recipe card itself. We can't control other ad providers (nor would we want to!), so that feature only works if you're an MVP.

What if I need help?

If you have any questions about Create by Mediavine, please visit our Create Help Center!

If you aren't able to find what you need there, please reach out to We also have a Facebook Group where you can consult other Create users!

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