Trellis License Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many sites can I have on Trellis, per license?
    Each license is valid for one website. You can purchase an additional license for each site where you would like to run Trellis.

  • Can I cancel my license at any time?
    Yes, of course. Your license will be invalidated after the period that you've already paid for.

  • If I cancel my license, what happens to my site that’s using Trellis?
    When your license expires, Trellis will still function as a theme, but without the built-in optimizations that a licensed version will have. You will also have a notice in the Trellis settings UI reminding you that your license is not valid.

  • Does my license include any child theme that will be released in the future?
    Yes, Trellis child themes are included.

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