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How to Get the Shortcode for Your Create Card
How to Get the Shortcode for Your Create Card

Where to find your card's shortcode so you can add it to your post.

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Create Cards are implemented using a shortcode, which is exactly what it sounds like - a shortened version of a snippet of code.

If need be, you can use this shortcode to add a Create Card directly into your post, such as if you're using a third-party post editor or pagebuilder. If you are using Elementor, we have a separate help article for you here!

If you are making your post with the Gutenberg block editor or Classic editor, you shouldn't need to worry about using the shortcode. Instead, you can follow these instructions.

If you need to add the card to your post with the shortcode, here is how to find it!

  1. In your WordPress admin, navigate to the card you want to use in the post. Open the card as if you were going to edit it.

2. In the edit screen, scroll down to the Shortcode field under Utilities.

3. Copy the shortcode. You can now paste it into your post editor or pagebuilder.

You'll want to note the process of adding a shortcode to a post may be different with each third-party builder. We recommend consulting the help documentation for your specific tool so you can add your shortcode correctly.

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