The Trellis 0.16.0 update contains new features, bug fixes, and more. To take advantage of all the features Trellis offers for page experience and performance, update today!

Please see below for important details on Trellis version 0.16.

Trellis Version 0.16

Version Release: July 13, 2022

Article Updated: July 13, 2022

FEATURE: New class added to make Trellis Critical CSS more compatible with Create Lists and avoid display issues.

FEATURE: A code specific to sites with WP Rocket has been moved to Compatibility class.

FIX: WP Rocket settings will no longer be hidden on Trellis sites.

REMOVAL: Advanced setting to show/hide WP Rocket settings has been removed, as WP Rocket settings will not always display.

FEATURE: Implemented a more efficient way of processing changes to the Trellis settings and database when the theme is updated to improve user experience.

FIX: Comment forms are removed on posts with comments disabled when using Trellis Comments.

CHANGE: A link to the Mediavine Marketplace has been added to the style.css sheet

CHANGE: Updates minimum PHP version to 7.2. This means you must be on that PHP version or greater in order to be compatible.

FIX: Removes Trellis font selection settings from the Customizer. These can be accessed in Appearance > Mediavine Trellis > Display.

CHANGE: Remove “Enable Additional Image Sizes” setting. This setting is no longer necessary with the addition of Regenerate All Images and Regenerate Featured Images settings.

FIX: A class has been added to post navigation images to prevent GumGum ads on those images.

FIX: A change has been made to help with the transfer of data necessary for font localization.

CHANGE: An endpoint has been adjusted for font localization so that an error will not be thrown when font data is not returned.

CHANGE: Removed possibility that fonts will be served from Google, as fonts must now all be localized to each site for privacy concerns.

CHANGE: Font localization is now a requirement in order to change fonts, in order to be compliant with privacy concerns.

CHANGE: A “Save Font” button has been added to confirm a manually typed font.

CHANGE: Allow users to be able to retrieve their desired font from the Custom font field, even when words are not precisely capitalized or if there are extra spaces added.

FIX: Only WP blocks that exist on a given page will be sent to the Critical CSS generator to reduce the amount of unused CSS and improve performance.

CHANGE: “Google Analytics Tracking ID” field in Advanced Settings has been renamed to “Universal Analytics Tracking ID”.

CHANGE: Privacy parameters for UA tracking have been updated, so as not to interfere with simultaneous GA4 tracking.

FIX: Removed automatic adjustment of WP Rocket’s settings when the plugin is activated. This will avoid users needing to redo their settings after each update.

FIX: The Post Thumbnail size sill now be based on the selected Featured Image size in the Trellis Display settings.

FIX: Excess Mediavine links have been removed from the footer branding, condensing to just one link to the Mediavine homepage.

FEATURE: The Author Link URL can now be set manually in the Website field in the User Profile. This will allow users to link to their About page rather than the default Author Posts URL. See this help article for more instruction.

FIX: Fixes issue with Convert Pro popups not displaying when Critical CSS is enabled.

FIX: Fixes behavior of Mediavine Sidebar Ad Hint notice saying “This should not be the last widget in your sidebar” so that it only shows when intended.

FIX: Fixes behavior of Mediavine Sidebar Ad Hint notice saying “This should only be placed in the Sidebar widget area” so that it only shows when intended.

FIX: Ensures that only links from the intended site are being pre-cached by the Progressive Web App feature.

FIX: All comments are displayed if Trellis Comments are disabled.

FIX: Disables Critical CSS on WooCommerce Checkout and Cart pages to avoid display issues.

FIX: Breadcrumbs will not display on the front page, feed, or static pages.

FIX: Ensures that Submit button on WooCommerce review pages will display.

FIX: Adds “Critical CSS - Disabled” label to admin bar when in page or post edit mode.

FIX: Clearing Trellis Cache or upgrading Trellis will not reset “Processing” Critical CSS statuses, to resolve an issue where “Processing” label could not be cleared.

FIX: A mobile content selector has been added for Thrive Leads compatibility.

COSMETIC: The default image sizes attribute has been adjusted to 728px.

FIX: Adjusted sizes attribute for post link featured images to allow the browser to select the appropriate image size and help with performance.

FIX: Fixes layout issues that occur when the comments section contains broken HTML.

FIX: Ensures correct title is being added to Critical CSS issues list for category pages.

FIX: PWA version is updated whenever Critical CSS is successful, is purged, or Critical CSS is disabled for a post. This will ensure that visitors do not continue to have old CSS for the duration of their visit.

FIX: Fixes an issue where the Queue for Critical CSS button was causing some sites Trellis UI to crash.

FIX: Fixes CLS and blurriness for the About widget image on Wisteria and Birch by ensuring the correct source size is used.

FIX: Ensures that All in One SEO settings appear in the Classic Editor for legacy versions of the plugin.

FIX: Ensures that data attributes placed in the Trellis hooks are no longer removed when the Trellis is updated.

FIX: Adjusts Trellis SEO Schema output to prevent “Missing Field URL” error in Rich Results Test.

FEATURE: New Display setting to disable Trellis comments to allow for better compatibility with third-party comment tools.

FEATURE: Added public functions for purging Critical CSS. This will give Create and other plugins the ability to purge Trellis Critical CSS files.

FEATURE: Admin update notices are now dismissible.

FIX: Fixes an issue where breadcrumbs weren’t landing on certain desired pages.

FEATURE: Added function to make it so that the homepage is not able to display breadcrumbs, while category and archive pages can.

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