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Everything that you need to know about Rich Results and your Create cards!

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Create cards output Schema on the page, making the post eligible for Rich Results. This SEO benefit is one of the main reasons that using a Create card is encouraged!

What Are Rich Results?

Rich Results are a special type of search result that highlight key information about your content. Schema communicates this information to Google, helping it to understand what your content is about and what is important to display to readers. Therefore, Schema is what makes a post eligible to be chosen for Rich Results.

For more information about Schema in Create cards, please see this article.

One example of Rich Results would be the Carousel. Below is an example of the Recipe Carousel.

Carousel is just one type of Rich Results, though. They can also come in a form that looks something like the example below. This is different than a typical search result because some of the information from the Create card such as an image, rating, and ingredients are visible.

What If My Post Isn't Chosen For Rich Results? Is Something Wrong?

It's important to remember that Create makes you eligible for Rich Results. There is no way for Create, or any similar plugin, to guarantee that a post will be chosen. That is all up to Google.

If your post isn't displaying in Rich Results, there are a few things you can check to make sure everything is working properly as far as Create is concerned.

1) Check for unresolved errors in GSC. This help article will go over some common errors and how to troubleshoot them.

2) Run a post through Rich Results test to check that the correct Schema output is working. This article contains some instructions on how to run a test.

As an example, if you are using a Recipe card, you should see Recipe Schema outputting on the page. You will want to look for a green check mark to signify that it is valid.

If Schema is not showing as valid, you will want to go in and look once more for unresolved errors and fix anything that needs to be addressed.

3) Make sure that you have Schema turned on in the card. The Schema output option in a Create card is checked by default, but it can be good to double-check in case it was unchecked mistakenly.

Just scroll down to Utilities > Use Schema (LD+JSON). That box should be checked.

4) Make sure that you are following the best practices for using Multiple Create cards in a post and/or for reusing the same card in multiple posts.

If all of this seems to be in check, this will tell you that Create is doing its job by outputting Schema, and you are eligible for Rich Results.

If your post was displayed in Rich Results in the past and seems to no longer be selected, it can understandably be a very frustrating situation.

It is always a good idea to take a deeper dive into your Google Search Console and see if you can notice any overall patterns, or find when a change may have occurred. Often, an algorithm change or simply a recrawl on Google's end can lead to otherwise unexplained changes in this area.

The good news is that, just as ranking and traffic can fluctuate, a post can be selected for Rich Results again in the future. It's all up to Google to decide, but once you've gone over the points in this article, you can be reassured that Create is working as it should.

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